Book Review of Agatha Christie's "N or M?"

ISBN 9780062074324
Author: Agatha Christie
© 1941 by G.P. Putnam's Sons, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
"N or M?" by Agatha Christie (available on

It's World War 2 and while Britain fights the physical, visible forces of Germany, the British face an even deadlier threat, that of "The Fifth Column".
"The Fifth Column" is the name given to a group of unknown spies working for Germany. An attack by Germany is imminent and the British Intelligence Service is at a loss. Their best agent has just been murdered by Germany's spies named "N and M". Enter Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. Tommy and Tuppence have been rejected from serving their country. They are "too old". Both are middle-aged; the army only wants the young people. Husband and wife bemoan the fact that they must sit around while others are fighting for their country. They feel useless. One night they are approached by an old friend. The Intelligence Agency …

Book Review of Agatha Christie's "Ordeal By Innocence"

Jack Argyle killed his mother in a fit of anger...or did he? 
Years after Mrs. Argyle is murdered, a stranger shows up at Sunny Point with some news: Jack Argyle did not kill his mother. In fact, Dr. Calgary was with Jack at the time that the murder was supposed to have happened.  The law has imprisoned the wrong man. Jack Argyle died in prison, convicted of a crime he didn't commit. The news that Dr. Calgary brings to Sunny Point is unwelcome, much to his astonishment.  As young Hester Argyle says to him, "It's not the guilty who matter. It's the innocent." A murderer is on the loose, but who is it? All seven family members begin to look at each other with suspicion and fear. It could be anyone of them...are they really safe? Is everyone who they say they are?  It's up to Dr. Calgary to set the mess straight and discover the murderer or the innocent will be punished along with the guilty.  It's time to start the Ordeal by Innocence.

I picked up this book from the…

What are Words?

What are words, but portals to other worlds,
Where my imagination spins out of control,
Help I've fallen down this rabbit hole,
Into the great unknown.

Don't rescue me,
Just let me be,
These words have forever transformed me!

The Acting Game (A Rory's Story Cube Story)

The pyramid rose from the trapdoor, illuminated by the single light that blazed across the stage.
 The actors and actresses appeared, seemingly out of the woodwork, intricate masks on their faces.
 A single actor stood out from among the crowd, a strange helmet over his head.
 When the music started and the fat lady started singing, (at least Kevria thought the masked figure sounded like a lady), she remembered why she hated plays.
 Despite the gaudy costumes and terrible acting, the plays continued to draw the populace like a magnet.
 Next to her a trio of half-drunk teenagers sprawled out like octopuses, taking up half the seats with their backpacks.
 Somewhere behind her, a mother drilled into her son's brain that operas were an important part of culture.
 Kevria sighed and popped a few pills into her mouth. If she had to sit here surrounded by drunks and old fossils who thought operas were great, at least she could take a nap.
 Overhead, somewhere out the window, the moon r…

Just an Update and an Explanation (So, Maybe it's Not All That Simple)


           Sorry I have been away so long. I promise there are explanations.

A few things that have kept me from posting:


*I just graduated a junior college with an A.S. in Digital Video for film editing!

* Last week, I finally finished the first draft of my main WIP, (Sybil's Tale), after working on it for two years and four months.

*Family Life

So, yes, a lot of things have kept me busy, but I honestly didn't plan on being away for so long.
 Now that I have the first draft of my WIP finished, I can, (hopefully), work more on "Drops of Inspira", which is in the plotting stage of novelization.
 I'm hoping to have a snippet of it to share with you all soon, but I'm also working on world building this Summer for my main WIP.
 I've told myself I can't touch "Sybil's Tale" until November where I will happily prepare it for the second draft.
 In the meantime, my siblings have been pressing me to do some Rory's Story Cubes Sto…

Blog Directions and Updates (Please Read [Especially if New or Visiting for the First Time])


I thought I should give you an update and some directions, especially if you've never visited my messy blog.

 * I've updated the background: no more messy lettering, especially if you've been reading this in a mobile/kindle format.

* New Pages! I have two pages with links to help you in navigating this blog.


*Rory's Story Cube Stories: Links on this page will take you to stories I wrote using Rory's Story Cubes for inspiration.

* Drops of Inspira Stories ( In the Works): I've rearranged the parts of "Drops of Inspira" in chronological order so that you can read them as they're meant to be read. (The parts will fluctuate and change as I write more. "Drops of Inspira" is in the planning stage and will continue to grow and change as I write it.)

*Home: To navigate to the home page, click this link. Also, be warned that viewing the home page will take you to everything in the links, but will also place the stories in the incor…

Confession from a V.I.W. (Very Insecure Writer)

Today, between computer updates and a depression spiral my mind decided that it was also a good time to remind me how terrible a writer I am.

 Now for this to make sense, you'll have to know that I've been wanting to be a writer ever since reading "A Cricket in Times Square" when I was six-years-old. I decided that I wanted to be able to give something back to the world and I'd do it by writing.

 That is still my main motivation for writing-besides the fact that it is just really a lot of fun-but lately I've been hit by the nefarious "imposter syndrome."

 Today was really bad.

 In my writing journal, I wrote, "I feel like such an imposter, writing a book. I really have no business doing it.
 What makes me think I have what it takes? What makes me think anybody will actually want to read this? What am I doing !?!"

 In case you ever wondered whether or not your the only one that suffers from this malady....I constantly struggle with this.